2. Terms

A term is a combination of numbers, variables and mathematical symbols – brackets and arithmetic symbols.
In primary school you wrote a box for an unknown number. Now we write a letter for this unknown number. These letters are called variables, because you can use variable numbers or things in their place.
2 + 5 = 7
(2 + 5) + 4 = 2+ (5 + 4)
2a + 3a = 5a
2 + x can mean that you add any number of things to two things.
2x can mean that you have 2 times something specific.
Usually you leave out the painting point between a number and a variable.
The number is usually placed before the variable: 2x
If you now use numbers for these variables, you get the value of the term.
In the term 3x for x, insert the number 5: You now calculate = 15.
In the term 4 + a for a, insert the number 10.5: You now add 4 + 10.5 = 14.5.